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Aquarius Man Compatibility With Women From Other Zodiac Signs (In Pictures)

He likes to exchange different horizons with other people, because don't forget, Aquarius is very open. Find out how to attract men using their zodiac signs. Figure it out here! In order to attract an Aquarius woman and completely seduce them you need to think outside of the box and get a little creative because Aquarius women love originality and people who dare to be different. Freedom is also a very important element for Aquarius woman; there really is nothing an Aquarius girl hates more than feeling trapped.

Aquarius guys are non-conformists in their way of loving, and can't stand stories that have to do with preordained destiny. Aquarius men love dating intelligent and intellectual women that they can talk to about important world issues and news. Aquarius men are very attracted by witty, funny and smart woman who shine in all types of conversations. Aquarius men need to be surprised and kept on their toes in order to fall in love. Aquarius guys need spontaneous relationships and to be able to embrace their freedom and do as they please.

He always had a new idea for an activity for you two to discover together. His excessive nonchalance quickly irritates his social circle. An Aquarius would couple up well with a Gemini personality or a Libra personality. Aquarius is an original! He loves having a full contact list, seeing people all the time, and meeting new faces! He loves new technologies, and is always on the cutting edge. Aquarius is really attached to his independence, which he defends doggedly. Let him go off on an adventure and explore new horizons.

Aquarius attracts our attention with his originality and freedom.

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Aquarius loves new technology and can pass hours studying the new gadgets that have just been released! He likes to watch films in 3D in his home, state-of-the-art cinema. Intellectual activities, like chess, reading, and crosswords, are equally enjoyable for him. Now that you know how to seduce an Aquarius man, check out our other articles too!

We reveal the secrets you need to attract each zodiac sign and how to maintain a happy relationship! Our experts are available to answer all of your questions right now, so choose from our selection of advisors and kick start your quest for answers and enlightenment regarding your future.

To help you make your choice, check out our advisor's specialities, tarifs and reviews. We reveal the secret seduction tips you need to attract an Aquarius man. Aquarius personality : Free and creative Aquarius is dynamic, bold, and always ready to go out on an adventure.

Aquarius Man: Love, Personality Traits & More

We reveal how to attract an Aquarius man with our top seduction tips in our unmissable video: How to attract an Aquarius man: Surprise him Aquarius loves going out and seeing the world with the goal of meeting new people. Thus, the Aquarius Man will have to adjust to the more affectionate partner and vice versa.

To be truly compatible with the Aquarius Man, however, the partner not only has to be attractive and fun but also one that has an intellect that rivals his own. Of all the 12 signs of the zodiac, the Aquarius male is one that is all about forward thinking, innovation, progression, and intelligence. It is true; the water bearer is the symbol of Aquarius, and much like the element of water, your Aquarian man can be moving and deep.

Likewise, there are moments where he might come across as an eccentric, or rebellious, radical, and unconventional. Like water, the Aquarius man is highly adaptable, can go with the flow, and might sometimes seem too malleable to the point of instability. You will find the Aquarian man quite capable of conquering boundaries as if he has a knack for finding a way around obstacles. Being so connected to the elements of water and air, the Aquarius man proves sociable, friendly, and quite amiable, but there are times where he can also be moody, intense, and reflective. Since your Aquarian man corresponds with the air element, this should be kept in mind when you consider his ideal living space.

Worst Matches

Lots of open spaces, big rooms, tall ceilings, large windows, and many rooms … the more rooms, the better … this is the best habitat for the Aquarius male, and he will have no trouble making a spacious home his sacred space. The home will have a few art pieces here or there, with some unusual adornments and you will soon see that the eccentric Aquarius as an eye for the unusual. For example, being a forward and progressive thinker, you can come to expect the Aquarius male to want all the latest gadgets and doodads for the kitchen area.

Only the best appliances and the latest technological wonders will do! Opt for stainless steel appliances when buying for an Aquarius male, as silver is a preferred color for your man. The sign of Aquarius rules over the circulatory processes, calves, ankles, and the legs. Since this sign rules circulatory processes, issues with the blood may arise, and it will be important for the Aquarius man to monitor blood glucose, iron, and magnesium levels.

Spicy foods like cayenne peppers and chili are great for the blood and barley, oats, wheat grass, and fish are fantastic brain foods. Breath regulation and exercise like biking, walking, running, or even participation in the martial arts can help circulatory processes remain at their best while serving to tone the body and clearing the mind. If the Aquarius man becomes ill, the best method of recuperation involves a change of the environment or scenery and a period of time where he relaxes the mind.

Win and Keep the Heart of an Aquarius Man Forever

With Rulership over the blood, the Aquarian is likely to experience some health issues related to circulation and should therefore take preventative measures and make healthy steps to thwart the onset of cardiovascular conditions, cardiac edema, arteriosclerosis, and issues related to venous insufficiency including impure blood, varicose veins formation, edema of the legs, and poor oxygenation. Imagine an image of the water bearer carrying around a sizeable vessel; in this vessel, one will find what seems like a boundless amount of energy.

The energy an Aquarius man has is put to good use when pursuing financial endeavors.

Aquarius Man ~10 Things to Know-

You will find that your intelligent and handsome Aquarius man is also one that has a huge heart: One he would use to embrace the entire world if he could. At the same time, he would have no expectations to gain anything in the way of favors. In his heart, he wants to be the proverbial knight on the white horse for everyone and anyone … a hero striding in to save the day at the last minute and this desire shows up in the humanitarian issues in which he becomes thoroughly engaged.

How to attract an Aquarius man

A visionary, innovator, and one with a mind always set on the future, it is not unlike the Aquarius male to pursue lofty and intensely meaningful causes, so when it comes to finance, the reason it is most important is that it proves to be a means to an end, and he will spend it on humanitarian pursuits. Aquarian men are typically practical when it comes to financial control: They do not spend a lot, and they make fair attempts at saving.

It is true, however, if the Aquarius male struggles with financial control and does not get a handle on money early on, he may struggle later in life when he finds himself ill-prepared for a sudden illness or for retirement. In terms of careers, the Aquarian has his choice of excellent occupational pursuits. Careers to which the Aquarius male is well suited, particularly because of his interest to help others and because of his innovative and inventive nature, are many.

Some ideal jobs for Aquarius are in the position of scientist, psychologist, physicist, humanitarian, electrical engineer, chiropractor, congressional representative, photography, teacher, faith healer, and astrologer, among others. An Aquarius male might even be an incredible inventor.

Aquarian men have a penchant for genuine people so demonstrating your authenticity and sincerity is the first step in winning his heart. Do not pretend to be something you are not because the clever and wise Aquarian will be able to see right through the mask you are wearing. Let him see you and appreciate you as you are. At the same time, do not give all of yourself away at the first few meetings … a bit of the mysterious is called for here as this will surely hook his natural curiosity for learning more about you.

Being genuine does not mean you must reveal all, and in fact, if you can prove you are a very private person, this too will prove a draw for him. Do not waste time making your feelings known. When you get an opportunity to express yourself, then grab it, but do so privately. The Aquarian is not too fond of public displays. Mind your personal boundaries when you interact with him because is not at all showy with affection and you do not want him to feel awkward. Be prepared to be an intellectual match for him, and be open-minded about dating and things to do together: This will cater to his need for new experiences and his desire to engage in hefty, intellectual conversations.

Your Aquarian male will enjoy literature, the arts, music, and travel. He tends to enjoy spending time with like-minded individuals but also enjoys his downtime just as much.

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  • He is a hefty reader who appreciates a wide choice of genres, and more than likely one who likes science fiction and futuristic tales. With his open mind and heart, it is not hard to see how the Aquarian male would find rude, egotistical, or nasty people a real turn off. Aquarians, do not care for those who are disingenuine, braggarts, pushy, wasteful, rude, or close-minded. Your man is also not too fond of public scenes, being limited or restricted in any way, or especially having his right to choose restricted.

    The Aquarius Man takes his time getting to relationships, so once he settles down, he has a tendency toward long-term fidelity. In the role of father, he shows commitment to his children and tends to pass on his insights, and his children will enjoy his equally curious nature. To that end, the Aquarian father teaches his children to explore. Ensuring the children have an excellent education is a first and intense priority for the Aquarian as he wants to encourage a love for life-long learning.

    Aquarius Compatibility

    With that, he will also pass on lessons in how to be caring for others and will teach the children the importance of humanitarian work. In all, the Aquarian father is sensible, calm, patient, and guiding. He will encourage independence but will do so with firm guidance and counsel.